Slice'd Podcast

The Slice’d Podcast takes a slice of founder stories from humble beginnings to billion-dollar exits. Join host Emily Ahrens every Monday to learn more about inspiring founders and the honest truth behind the often glamorized journey of an entrepreneur.


The Slice'd Podcast

Ep. 3

Sean Mehra

Ep. 6

Joe Thurman

Ep. 9

Bill Capsalis

Ep. 12

Spooky Slice

Ep. 15

Susan Westwater

Ep. 18

Andrew Bart

Ep. 21

Max Farrell

Ep. 24

Dave Salvant

Ep. 27

Max Elder

Ep. 30

Lee Mayer

Ep. 33

Jeff Freeland Nelson

Ep. 36

Todd Mickelsen

Ep. 39

Kirsten Moorefield

Ep. 1

Steve Swoboda

Ep. 4

Jimmy Eberhard

Ep. 7

Aidan Chopra

Ep. 10

Cindy Jordan

Ep. 13

Pierre DeBois

Ep. 16

Christie Kerner

Ep. 19

Margaux Reaume and Arden Gilfillan

Ep. 22

Michael Botta

Ep. 25

Nick Cromydas

Ep. 28

Swapnil Shinde

Ep. 31

Matt Prados

Ep. 34

Ariana Ferwerda

Ep. 37

Aaron Stachel

Ep. 40

Shayanne Wright

Ep. 2

Jamba Dunn

Ep. 5

Nichole Montoya

Ep. 8

Jenni Lyons

Ep. 11

Christian Dooley and Reyn Aubrey

Ep. 14

Andy Lombard and Mahati Sridhar

Ep. 17

Jody Boyman

Ep. 20

Rebecca Clyde

Ep. 23

Gordon Shaeffer

Ep. 26

Mark Frank

Ep. 29

Renji Bijoy

Ep. 32

Alex Ryden

Ep. 35

Seth Levine

Ep. 38

Monica Plath

Ep. 42

Chris Barton