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Jenni Lyons – Founder and CEO of Happy Leaf

10/04/21 – Episode 8

Today’s guest is Jenni Lyons, founder of Happy Leaf Kombucha. Happy Leaf prides itself on its approachable, complex, and refreshing flavors and was the first kombucha taproom in Colorado. With past experience in holistic health, Jenni and Happy Leaf are taking the world by storm with delicious tasting kombucha and sustainably sourced ingredients.

Though Jenni didn’t initially set out to be an entrepreneur, her love of holistic health and healing has turned her into one. Happy Leaf was born out of this passion, and Lyons is dedicated to creating a better-tasting, better for you kombucha for her community. 

About Jenni Lyons:

After graduating high school Jenni Lyons decided to gain hands-on life experience rather than continue school. She worked as a nanny/au pair and traveled the world for years before settling back down in her home state of Colorado. She then had multiple businesses going, but chose to work full-time on Happy Leaf when her customers couldn’t get enough.

In this episode with Jenni Lyons, you’ll learn:

  • Jenni’s nontraditional road to becoming an entrepreneur
  • How Happy Leaf became Denver’s first kombucha and Colorado’s first kombucha taproom
  • What her experience has been as a female entrepreneur
  • Her take on the growing kombucha scene
  • Jenni’s advice for fellow entrepreneurs

Mentioned in this episode…

Happy Leaf
The Beer Spa
Whole Foods
King Soopers

Jenni Lyons

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To learn more about Jenni’s journey, read her article “I Went to the School of Hard Knocks”

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