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Todd Mickelsen, CEO of Converus

3/15/22 – Episode 36

Todd Mickelsen is the CEO of Converus, a disruptive technology in the lie detection space. With 25+ years of high-tech senior management experience, Todd discusses with Emily what it takes to be an effective leader, why Converus, and the importance of disruptive technology.

About Todd Mickelsen:

Todd Mickelsen is an alumnus of Brigham Young University, and has experience in product marketing and management in a variety of high tech companies including: Microsoft, OpenText and Ancestry.com. He joined the Converus team as CEO in October 2013 where he still serves today.

In this episode with Todd, you’ll learn:

  • What drew him to entrepreneurship and startups
  • The catalyst for Converus as a disruptive lie detection technology
  • The science behind EyeDetect
  • What he thinks makes an effective leader
  • Why they took the risk to expand and build teams in the UK and Germany
  • What Todd would be doing if he wasn’t a CEO
  • Advice he has for entrepreneurs: nail product-market fit
  • Trends he sees in the deception detection space
  • What motivates him every day
  • What word he would use to describe his journey

Mentioned in this episode…


Todd Mickelsen
Stephen MR Covey

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To learn more about Todd’s journey, read his article “Corruption and Lies”

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