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Shayanne Wright, Co-Founder and CEO of Office Otter

4/11/22 – Episode 40

Shayanne Wright is advocating for executive assistants and office ops to take their careers to the next level with her company Office Otter. As the co-founder and CEO of Office Otter, Shayanne and her team are working to optimize tasks and make businesses more efficient from the inside.

About Shayanne Wright:

Shayanne Wright studied International Business and Computer Science at Azusa Pacific University before eventually dropping out. She started her career in Marketing at Project Cultivate and Antsquare then took the dive into entrepreneurship. In 2017, she founded LEFT helping companies manage their employee travel, and in 2020 she founded Office Otter for easier task management. She also has a mission to integrate school and tech by running for her district’s school board in 2022.

In this episode with Shayanne, you’ll learn:

  • How Shayanne went from college dropout to successful 2x entrepreneur
  • The catalysts for LEFT and Office Otter
  • How she managed a mandatory pivot during the pandemic
  • Shayanne’s experience fundraising, once on her own and again with a co-founder
  • The nuances of being a female founder
  • How she met her co-founder, Jordan
  • The importance of a shared mission and values among co-founders
  • What motivates her every day
  • The key to being an entrepreneur in her experience

Mentioned in this episode…

Office Otter
1517 Fund

Shayanne Wright
Jordan Boudreau

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