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Matt Prados, Founder and CEO of Review Wave

2/7/22 – Episode 31

Matt Prados is the Founder and CEO of Review Wave, a platform that helps healthcare practitioners gain and retain patients with 24/7 online booking and personalized post-appointment messages. On today’s episode, Emily and Matt chat about why entrepreneurs should “always be learning”, why the journey is a roller coaster, and why you shouldn’t raise money until you absolutely have to.

About Matt Prados:

Matt Prados started his career in sales and marketing after dropping out of college. He led as CEO of Chiropractic Traffic for six years while also founding Gotcha Local helping dentists and chiropractors with their sales and marketing. In 2012, he founded Review Wave as a solution to the need for an automated system for reviews for practice owners, and has grown it to an “all-in-one patient experience marketing platform.”

In this episode with Matt, you’ll learn:

  • The catalyst for founding Review Wave
  • How the company has grown and expanded since its founding
  • His experience bootstrapping and unintentionally finding his first angel investor
  • His goals to launch his own fund
  • Challenges he faced growing Review Wave
  • The importance of learning from others
  • How his view of being an entrepreneur has changed since he started his journey
  • His advice for entrepreneurs, including: “Always be learning”
  • His role model for an effective leader and why leaders should want to be replaced

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Review Wave

Matt Prados

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