Portfolio Pitch

Portfolio Pitch is a Slice’d Podcast production powered by Startup Blogpost where investors share their learnings and personal experiences. Listeners gain valuable insights into the individuals that make investment decisions that can be critical to a companies success. During the podcast, our host will get to know the investor behind the investment and what it takes to be successful in raising capital from institutional investors.

Ep. 1

Jim Franklin

Ep. 4

Chris Marks

Ep. 7

Anna Mason

Ep. 10

Haley Zollo

Ep. 13

Michael Mizrahi

Ep. 2

Mike Freeman

Ep. 5

Rafiq Ahmed and Mitul Patel

Ep. 8

Kate Beardsley

Ep. 11

Eunice Chendjou

Ep. 14

Chris Erickson

Ep. 3

Caroline Cassan

Ep. 6

Salen Churi

Ep. 9

Natty Zola

Ep. 12

Gavin Christensen