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Eunice Chendjou and Why Being Diverse is a Superpower

1/6/22 – Episode 11

Eunice was born in Cameroon and moved to the US to pursue higher education. After graduating from Louisiana Tech, Eunice worked as a Product Consultant and Analyst at Apple before starting her first company, DataGig. Eunice would soon become a serial entrepreneur and an investor advocating for African founders. In today’s conversation, Eunice and Emily discuss Eunice’s impressive background, a couple of her favorite portco’s, and she shares her tips for overcoming rejection for both founders and investors.

About Eunice Chendjou:

Eunice Chendjou received her A.S. in Mathematics from Houston Community College and her B.S. in Mathematics and Statistics from Louisiana Tech. After she graduated, Eunice moved to Austin, Texas and started her career with Apple. One year later, she took the leap into full-time entrepreneurship, founding dataGig. While running this company, Eunice went through the Founder Institute to help her grow dataGig. She then joined OpenTeams as CEO, later becoming Vice President of Partners. In October 2021, Eunice founded Ajim Capital focusing on early-stage African companies.

In this episode with Eunice, you’ll learn:

  • Challenges Eunice faced as an immigrant, not only as a student but also as a founder
  • Eunice’s experience as an entrepreneur turned investor
  • The mission and investment thesis of Ajim Capital: Equip, Educate and Empower
  • Why entrepreneurship is important in developing countries
  • How she sourced advisors for Ajim Capital as a first-time investor
  • Their value-add beyond capital
  • Eunice’s advice for diverse founders
  • Her future plans for Ajim

Mentioned in this episode…

Ajim Capital
Mecho Autotech

Eunice Chendjou

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