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Chris Barton, Founder of Shazam

4/27/22 – Episode 42

Chris Barton brings up the importance of grit when embarking on your entrepreneurial journey. He talks about how long the road can be, but also how rewarding it is. Chris walks us through the value of the right team and keeping innovative at all costs. Shazam went on to be one of the biggest acquisitions by Apple at the time, 6th largest to date, so don’t miss this great startup story.

About Chris Barton:

Chris Barton is one of the founders of the revolutionary app Shazam. After leaving Shazam in 2018, Chris now uses his time founding a new venture, Guard, a mission driven company set out to reduce drowning deaths in pools. Chris continues to share his wisdom on “creative persistence” and entrepreneurship in general with audience members around the world as a renowned innovation speaker.

In this episode with Chris, you’ll learn:

  • What is creative persistence
  • How Chris and his team managed to out innovate other audio recognition companies in early stages
  • How Shazam survived 6 years prior to the launch of Apple and digital music at large
  • The importance of building the right team
  • How Shazam got purchased by Apple
  • What drives Chris
  • Chris’ favorite Shazam find of his own
  • How finding passion can sustain your journey

Mentioned in this episode…


Kirsten Moorefield
Darrin Murriner

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