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Monica Plath, Founder and CEO of Littlebird Connected Care

3/28/22 – Episode 38

As a new mom, Monica Plath wanted to keep track of her kids after having a poor experience with a caregiver. After searching for that technology, and coming up short, Monica decided to build it herself. Enter Littlebird, the wearable toddler tracker that blends in with everyday life (say bye-bye to primary colors, and hello to cool neutrals!).

About Monica Plath:

Monica Plath studied Communication and Sales at the University of Washington and later received certificates from both MIT Sloan and Stanford focused on strategy, innovation and technology. She started her career as a Sales Assistant with Nelson Realty Advisors, then left for a few years to be a Real Estate Broker with CBRE, and returned to Nelson Realty Advisors as a Partner in 2015. She began her entrepreneurial journey in 2019 when founding Little Connected Care which launched (out of stealth mode) on March 22, 2022.

In this episode with Monica, you’ll learn:

  • The catalyst for Littlebird after negative personal experiences with caregivers
  • The thought process behind the product design
  • The biggest risks Monica took along her journey
  • Her advice for founders experiencing rejection
  • How having a mentor helped her through challenges
  • Her experiencing fundraising while in stealth mode
  • What being a great leader looks like to her
  • Why hardware is “hard”
  • How she measures her success
  • Why she doesn’t pay attention to labels
  • The word she uses to describe her journey thus far

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Littlebird Connected Care

Monica Plath
Braxton Carter

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