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Jeff Freeland Nelson, Executive Director at American Public Media and the Glen Nelson Center

2/21/22 – Episode 33

Jeff Freeland Nelson is on a mission to make media more accessible to all. With the help of American Public Media Group and the Glen Nelson Center, Jeff is blazing a trail for both entrepreneurs and investors in the media space.

On today’s episode, Jeff and Emily chat about why content is key to the success of media, how his experience as a founder helps him as an executive director, and the reason he is mission-driven.

About Jeff Freeland Nelson:

Jeff Freeland Nelson received his B.A. in Theater and English from Hamline University and his MPA with a focus on Leadership from Harvard Kennedy School. He has worked primarily in media at Minnesota Public Radio and American Public Media Group. Jeff is also a three-time founder, including two non-profits and a sustainable toy company, YOXO. He uses his experience to help media startups through the Glen Nelson Center with the Next Challenge startup competition and investment fund, The Horizon fund.

In this episode with Jeff, you’ll learn:

  • What drew him to media and public service
  • His experience and learnings as a three-time founder, including two non-profits
  • How they utilize startups to “bring media forward” with the Glen Nelson Center
  • How APMG adapted during COVID
  • Trends he sees emerging in the media industry
  • The focus of the Horizon Fund
  • Why fast growth may not be beneficial in the long run for a company
  • How he measures success with mission

Mentioned in this episode…

American Public Media Group
The Glen Nelson Center
Minnesota Public Radio

Jeff Freeland Nelson

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