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Caroline Casson and Why Investing in the Future of Work is Important

10/21/21 – Episode 3

Caroline Casson is a partner at Vitalize Ventures, a venture capital firm focused on making capital more accessible. Before working in venture, Caroline studied math and psychology and participated in marketing and insurance internships where she learned what she didn’t want to do. After discovering venture, Caroline found her true passion by investing in the future of work and learning all while building her personal brand outside of venture.

About Caroline Casson:

Caroline received a BBA with honors in math and psychology from Boston College and a Master of Science in Management from the University of Notre Dame. Casson has previously worked at GE Ventures and in corporate finance prior to joining Vitalize VC. Casson is currently a Partner at Vitalize and resides in San Francisco.

In this episode with Caroline, you’ll learn:

  • Caroline’s career path leading to venture
  • Vitalize Angels and the importance of diversity
  • Vitalize’s investment thesis and how they make sure they invest in what they know
  • How Vitalize offers its portfolio companies more than capital
  • Caroline’s experience as a female investor and the importance of female mentorship
  • Building a personal brand and why it’s important on various channels

Mentioned in this episode…

Vitalize VC
GE Ventures
Irish Angels
The Mom Project

Caroline Casson
Gale Wilkinson
Justin Gordon

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