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Michael Mizrahi and How What Goes Around Comes Back Around

1/20/22 – Episode 13

Michael Mizrahi was born and raised in Los Angeles and never plans on leaving. After finishing college at USC, Michael wanted to explore venture capital and discovered Wavemaker Partners. Based out of Santa Monica, Wavemaker is a cross-border venture fund with headquarters in the US and Asia. On today’s episode, Emily and Michael chat about how Michael got into venture, 3-D printed rocketships and why you should become an expert in a certain field.

About Michael Mizrahi:

Michael Mizrahi is an L.A. native and received his B.S. in Business Administration focusing on Entrepreneurship from the University of Southern California. Graduating in the midst of the financial crisis, Michael started his career in investment banking, working at Siemer & Associates. He furthered his career in finance, corporate development and business development with TubeStart Inc, engage:BDR, CARMA Group and his own consulting work. in 2019 he officially joined Wavemaker VC as a Principal and Wavemaker Labs as a Venture Partner.

In this episode with Michael, you’ll learn:

  • How Michael got into venture capital and entrepreneurship
  • Why a global mindset is important in venture capital
  • Wavemaker’s investment thesis
  • Why they place more importance on the founder than the business plan
  • What Michael would do if he wasn’t in venture capital
  • Lessons he would share with his younger self
  • Advice for aspiring investors
  • Future goals for Wavemaker
  • The five-letter word that describes his investment journey

Mentioned in this episode…

Wavemaker Partners
Relativity Space

Michael Mizrahi

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