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Aidan Chopra – Co-Founder, Chief Creative Officer and Explainer in Chief of Bitsbox

9/27/21 – Episode 7

Today’s guest is Aidan Chopra, Co-Founder, Chief Creative Officer and Explainer in Chief of Bitsbox. Bitsbox teaches kids to code through fun app-building projects that come in the mail every month. It empowers kids to “make stuff” from examples encouraging quick progress. Prior to founding Bitsbox Aidan was a Product Evangelist at Google working on SketchUp.

Aidan joined SketchUp before it was purchased by Google, when it was a startup out of Boulder, Colorado. He stayed with the company through two acquisitions, Google and later Trimble, before embarking on his own entrepreneurial journey with SketchUp co-worker, Scott Lininger. 

About Aidan Chopra:

Aidan wanted to be a scientist from a young age but ended up pursuing art as a talented artist. He attended Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (NSCAD) for a Batchelor’s in Fine Arts, spent two semesters at Rhode Island Institute of Design (RISD) and furthered his education at Rice University, obtaining a Master’s in Architecture. Aidan is also a Board Member at Boulder Day Nursery Association.

In this episode with Aidan Chopra, you’ll learn:

  • How Aidan’s calculus teacher pushed him towards art school
  • His journey from Montreal to Boulder, CO
  • How he was able to create his own title at Google
  • The benefits of a co-founder
  • How Aidan approached fundraising for Bitsbox (and blew his first pitch)
  • What to look for in a mentor

Mentioned in this episode…

Wiley Publishing

Aidan Chopra
Scott Lininger
Praful Shah
Brad Schell
Tom Wyman

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To learn more about Aidan’s journey, read his article “Have a Co-Founder so You Can Take Vacations”

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