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Slice’d Snippet: Andy Lombard and Mahati Sridhar

11/05/21 – Episode 14

This episode was recorded in Arizona at the UNMET AZ conference back in early October 2021 and will be a short, but inspiring look into impactful founders and notable people from the region. On today’s Slice’d Snippet we speak with Andy Lombard, Executive Vice President of Innovation and Venture Development for the Arizona Commerce Authority, and Mahati Sridhar, Vice President of Revolution’s Rise of the Rest. Andy and Mahati were panelists at UNMET and provide us with a little slice of knowledge from the conference.

About Andy Lombard and Mahati Sridhar:

Andy Lombard is a four-time founder and experienced leader. He now uses his experience to grow entrepreneurship and innovation in Arizona through his work at the Arizona Commerce Authority. He says he’s addicted to two things: startups and skiing.

Mahati Sridhar received her B.S. in Business Administration with a concentration on Finance and Consulting from UNC Chapel Hill, and her MBA from Columbia Business School. She has since held multiple roles within banking, fintech and venture capital. Mahati is currently Vice President at Revolution and focuses her time on their Rise of the Rest fund.

In this Slice’d Snippet, you’ll learn:

  • How the Arizona startup scene has grown significantly
  • What role the ACA and Arizona’s government play in innovation
  • Entrepreneurship advice from serial founder, Andy
  • Why a fund investing in less-capital rich regions is important
  • Investing insights from Mahati

Mentioned in this episode…

Arizona Commerce Authority

Andy Lombard
Mahati Sridhar

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