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Susan Westwater – Co-Founder and CEO of Pragmatic Digital

11/08/21 – Episode 15

Susan Westwater is the CEO and Co-Founder of Pragmatic Digital. Pragmatic is a voice consulting firm that is helping brands identify where Voice fits in their marketing ecosystem. Susan is a Content Strategist, Speaker, founder, and author of Voice Strategy, available on Amazon.

About Susan Westwater:

Susan Westwater received her B.A. in English with emphases on Creative Writing and Business Writing. She began her career at Frankel (now Arc Worldwide) and gained agency experience with Bennett Adelson, New Control, The Marketing Store, Maxx Marketing, Leo Burnett, MARC USA. She then became a Content Strategist with Ricoh before stepping into the entrepreneur role when she and her husband started Pragmatic Digital in 2017. She has since has started an educational platform, Voice Masters, and authored Voice Strategy.

In this episode with Susan, you’ll learn:

  • What is the Voice industry?
  • Susan’s learnings as a first-time founder
  • Her experience as a female founder
  • How to navigate a spousal co-founder relationship
  • Susan’s advice for entrepreneurs, along with life advice for anyone

Mentioned in this episode…

Pragmatic Digital
Voice Masters
Arc Worldwide

Susan Westwater
Scot Westwater

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