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Slice’d Snippet: Gordon Shaeffer, Founder and CEO of Fetch.com

12/10/21 – Episode 23

This episode was recorded in Arizona at the UNMET AZ conference back in early October and will be a short, but inspiring look into impactful founders and notable people from the region. On today’s Slice’d Snippet we sit down with Gordon Shaefer, Founder and CEO of Fetch.com. Gordon attended the conference and showcased his company, a concierge-like delivery service that delivers anything and everything from hundreds of local businesses including restaurants, cafes, liquor stores, food trucks, grocery stores, and more.

About Gordon Shaeffer:

Gordon attended the University of Minnesota for a B.S. in Marketing & Communication and an M.L.S. in Music & Technology (fun fact: he DJ’d for Prince). He started his entrepreneurial journey with Soulfood Music in Santa Fe, New Mexico where he is still an owner. Gordon then ventured into hospitality, owning the Luxx Hotel for 11 years. In 2014, he founded BounceChat to connect people using Geo-location apps (i.e. a beer locator). This led him to founding Fetch, a concierge company that’s essentially a “personal shopper on demand”.

In this episode with Gordon, you’ll learn:

  • Gordon’s entrepreneurial journey through music, hospitality, and tech.
  • The importance of perserverance and thick skin
  • How he balances DJing, owning a music label, and being a CEO
  • Gordon’s advice for fellow entrepreneurs

Mentioned in this episode…

Soulfood Music
Luxx Hotel

Gordon Shaeffer

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