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Margaux Reaume and Arden Gilfillan, Co-Founders of Argaux

11/22/21 – Episode 19

Arden Gilfillan and Margaux Reaume have been best friends since their freshmen year of college at the University of Arizona. During their time at U of A, the pair would throw dinner parties with their friends and soon developed a love for both hospitality and wine. Today, the two friends are the co-founders of Argaux, an online wine company whose mission is to provide wine for every table and every occasion through nationwide wine deliveries and their best-selling blind taste kits.

About Margaux Reaume and Arden Gilfillan:

Margaux Reaume received her Bachelor’s in Non-Fiction Creative Writing and Minor in History from the University of Arizona. She had two internships prior to co-founding Argaux with Arden Gilfillan, whom she met at U of A. Margaux is now the lead buyer for Argaux, in charge of their global supply, and is a certified sommelier.

Arden Gilfillan received her Bachelor’s in Creative Writing and Minor in Fashion from the University of Arizona. She taught pilates during college and co-founded Argaux with Margaux Reaume after graduating. Arden is now the Head of Marketing and Sales and is also a certified sommelier.

In this episode with Margaux and Arden, you’ll learn:

  • How their love of hosting and cooking turned into a wine company
  • What pivots they made to grow Argaux to what it is today
  • The importance of approachabillity and customer feedback
  • Margaux and Arden’s experience as young, first-time founders with no business background
  • Their experience founding and running a company as best friends
  • Advice they’d give for other first-time founders

Mentioned in this episode…


Margaux Reaume
Arden Gilfillan

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