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Slice’d Snippet: Andrew Bart, Co-Founder and CEO of AlgoFace

11/12/21 – Episode 18

This episode was recorded in Arizona at the UNMET AZ conference back in early October and will be a short, but inspiring look into impactful founders and notable people from the region. On today’s Slice’d Snippet we sit down with Andrew Bart, CEO of AlgoFace. Andrew attended the conference and showcased his company, an ethical, face-AI technology that can do everything from virtual makeup try on’s to face mask detection.

About Andrew Bart:

Andrew Bart attended Arizona State University and received his Bachelor’s in American Studies. He has held various leadership positions and founded his first company in 2009. Andrew has since founded multiple companies, and is currently Co-Founder and CEO of AlgoFace.

In this episode with Andrew, you’ll learn:

  • Andrew’s unique major and what he studied at Arizona State University
  • Importance of storytelling and how college helped with pitching
  • Andrew’s experience with a “tribe” and the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people
  • How Andrew’s cat, Queenie, inspired him to found his first company
  • Andrew’s initial thoughts about never wanting to be a CEO again, but got bit by the entreprenurship bug

Mentioned in this episode…

UNMET Conference
The Carefree Pet LLC
Startup Growth Ventures
Integrity Growth Partners

Andrew Bart
Jeffrey Herzog
Scottie Wardell
Taleb Alashkar

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