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Slice’d Snippet: Max Farrell, Co-Founder and CEO of WorkHound

12/03/21 – Episode 21

This episode was recorded in Arizona at the UNMET AZ conference back in early October and will be a short, but inspiring look into impactful founders and notable people from the region. Today we sit down with Max Farrell, Co-Founder and CEO of WorkHound. Max attended the conference and showcased his company, a real-time, anonymous feedback platform for frontline workers in the trucking industry.

About Max Farrell:

Max Farrell studied Sociology and American Studies at Grinnell College, while also doing a study abroad program in South Africa focused on Entrepreneurial Strategies and Business Management for Musicians. He then did business development at Dwolla and organized Arkansas Startup Weekends before embarking on his own entrepreneurial journey. Max founded Create Reason and co-created dsmHack in 2014. He co-founded his current endeavor, WorkHound, in 2015.

In this episode with Max, you’ll learn:

  • How Hip Hop/Rap taught Max business skills
  • The catalyst for WorkHound stemming from worker disengagement and turnover
  • The importance of growing revenue versus fundraising
  • The impact COVID had on worker turnover and engagement
  • Max’s advice for founders, especially those with a co-founder

Mentioned in this episode…

Techstars Startup Weekend

Max Farrell
Andrew Kirpalani

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