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Michael Botta, Co-Founder of Sesame

12/06/21 – Episode 22

Michael Botta has been working to find solutions to healthcare’s biggest problems including health care prices, quality measurement, and competition since his undergraduate degree in BioEthics from Princeton. After a short stint at the White House and a couple of years working in consulting, Michael co-founded Sesame Care to tackle healthcare’s biggest setbacks and has helped save American’s money and time.

About Michael Botta:

Michael attended undergrad at Princeton University studying Biology and Public Politics (Bioethics specifically) and later received his Ph.D. in Health Economics and Policy from Harvard. He started his career as life sciences consultant with IQVIA. He then landed a job at the White House as a Desk Officer with the Office of Management and Budget and was an Engagement Manager at Mckinsey & Company before becoming an entrepreneur. Michael co-founded Sesame in September 2018 and is based in Brooklyn, New York.

In this episode with Michael, you’ll learn:

  • What drew Michael to the healthcare industry
  • How he was “pulled” into entrepreneurship
  • What issues they saw in the healthcare system and how they solve them with Sesame
  • Co-founder dynamics and what skills each one brings to Sesame
  • Michael’s advice for other founders
  • Industry trends he sees in healthcare and the effects of COVID-19

Mentioned in this episode…

McKinsey & Company

Michael Botta
David Goldhill
John Fontein

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