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Cindy Jordan – Co-Founder and CEO of Pyx Health

10/18/21 – Episode 10

Today’s guest is Cindy Jordan, co-founder and CEO of Pyx Health, a leading solution to Loneliness and Social Isolation through technology and human connection. Before Cindy founded Pyx, she worked as a police officer in the DC area, where she fully understood the definition of a “bad day”. Today, she and her team are working to help people feel better while lowering costs for employers and healthcare providers.

Through a family member’s experience with loneliness, Cindy Jordan founded Pyx Health. From Washington D.C. to Arizona, she’s dedicated her career to create a company that will leave a legacy and make the world a better place. 

About Cindy Jordan:

Cindy Jordan has had a career as a police officer, presidential campaign fundraiser, marketing strategist and founder of IT startup, MRS, now known as Crimson Medical Referrals. Jordan is now Founder and CEO of Pyx Health.

In this episode with Cindy Jordan, you’ll learn:

  • Cindy’s early career as a police officer and her
  • How a family member’s experience with loneliness lead to the founding of Pyx Health
  • Pyx Health’s peanut butter and chocolate solution
  • Cindy’s experience with fundraising and how she “sold her passion”

Mentioned in this episode…

Pyx Health
Medical Referral Source

Cindy Jordan

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