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Christian Dooley and Reyn Aubrey – Founders of PocketChange

10/26/21 – Episode 11

Today’s guests are Christian Dooley and Reyn Aubrey, Founders of PocketChange, a social media app where every like, post and reply sends free money to charity at no cost to the user. Today we’ll talk about how Reyn outsold Walmart his senior year of high school, how Christian’s love for creating music led him to meeting his Co-Founder and start PocketChange with the mission statement to “facilitate innate goodness, to rewire humanity with hope.”

About Christian Dooley and Reyn Aubrey:

Christian Dooley, Head of Operations at PocketChange, is originally from Illinois. He moved to Colorado to attend Denver University’s Daniels Business School where he met Reyn Aubrey, CEO of PocketChange. Reyn moved to Denver to attend DU from Hawaii. An entrepreneur at heart, Reyn started multiple ventures before PocketChange.

In this episode with Christian and Reyn, you’ll learn:

  • Christian and Reyn’s experiences with entrepreneurship from young ages
  • Why they started their own social media platform
  • The twists and turns it took to get their product where it is today
  • The importance of mental health as an entrepreneur
  • They’re advice for fellow entrepreneurs

Mentioned in this episode…


Christian Dooley
Reyn Aubrey

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