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What To Look for in a Website Builder

From updated knowledge of trends to presenting a checklist upfront, here are the 15 answers to the question, “What are the most helpful things a business owner should look for in a website builder?”

  • Knowledge of Current Trends
  • Security
  • Problem-Solving Skills
  • Mobile Device Compatibility
  • Simplicity and Data Collection
  • Brings Their Own Ideas
  • Easy to Communicate With
  • Thinks Ahead for Adding Content
  • UX Experience
  • Provides Accurate Scope and Delivers on Time
  • Experience With Responsive Design
  • Fits Your Criteria Within Your Budget
  • Considers Customization Options 
  • Quality of Integrations
  • Project Management

Knowledge of Current Trends

When looking for a website builder for your business, one of the most important features to consider is their knowledge of current trends. 

Today’s technologies are constantly changing and having access to a web-building tool from a team that is familiar with those changes will help ensure your site remains ahead of the curve in both functionality and design. 

This can be beneficial for businesses in industries where staying up-to-date with advancements is essential for success. Not only does having an experienced team on your side provide top-notch services, but it also offers peace of mind and reliability. 

Consider researching what experience and credentials their developers have, as well as looking at their portfolio before deciding.

Antreas Koutis, Administrative Manager, Financer


When looking for a website builder, security should be top of mind. Ensuring that the website builder you choose is secure will provide the necessary safeguards to protect your business and customers from potential cyber threats.

It is important to look for website builders that offer secure servers, encryption protocols, authentication protocols, and regular security updates. It is also advisable to research and read reviews about the website builder to make sure that it is reliable and secure.

Taking the time to ensure that the website builder you choose is secure will help to protect your business and customers from online threats.

Shaun Connell, Founder, Writing Tips Institute

Problem-Solving Skills

Sometimes, the only skill being checked for a website builder is their ability to build or create a website from scratch. Though this is a necessary skill, a website builder should also be able to troubleshoot any errors that happen once they release the website. 

They should be able to perform maintenance and address issues that arise as the website has visitors. This way, you don’t have to hire another person for website maintenance.

Arthur Worsley, Founder, The Art Of Living

Mobile Device Compatibility

When choosing a website builder, small businesses should pay special attention to mobile browser compatibility options. This is because a large percentage of search traffic comes from mobile devices, and businesses need to ensure that they optimize their websites for mobile users. 

The website builder can create mobile-friendly versions of the website, and should also offer features such as responsive design and mobile-friendly menus. Businesses should also look for website builders that offer mobile-specific features, such as click-to-call buttons, location-based services, and social media integration.

By taking the time to ensure that their website is optimized for mobile users, small businesses can ensure that their website is accessible to the largest potential audience.

Michael Alexis, CEO, Tiny Campfire

Simplicity and Data Collection

When business owners look for a website builder, they need to prioritize ease of use and data collection. With a tight budget, there may be moments when you, as a business owner, need to quickly adjust your website. 

A difficult web builder may cost you money because you have to constantly hire talent to manage it. You also need a website that tracks your data easily in a way that can be skimmed, not analyzed. 

When you’re wearing tons of hats, you can’t take time to spend two hours searching through Google Analytics. That’s a reason I recommend HubSpot to business owners because it is easy to use even if you’re not technical, and you can skim your website data in minutes, not hours.

Kevin Mead, Owner, Erabond

Brings Their Own Ideas

When I think back to my business’s first website, I cringe. At the time, I was just happy to have an online presence, but I’ve learned a lot over the years about what makes a website effective.

My top tip for business owners looking for a website builder: find someone who isn’t afraid to push back.

An excellent website builder shouldn’t accept every idea you come up with; in fact, that can be a red flag. I’m not a coder or marketing expert. That’s why I’m reaching out to a professional to develop a site that conveys the mission of my business. I want the person I hire to give suggestions. I want them to redlight my ideas, and tell me why they won’t work or add to the online experience. 

Rob Reeves, CEO & President, Redfish Technology

Easy to Communicate With

A business owner should look for a website builder who is easy to communicate with. This is the key to success for a service to be effective. A business owner has a lot of expectations for his business—some of which are workable, some are not, but that could be only judged by the website builder. 

A business owner looks for a developer who listens, tries to understand, and offers solutions, just does not reject ideas by saying something is infeasible. Communication is important throughout the development cycle of a website, as business owners might like to add new features or change the existing ones. 

A website developer has to be empathetic about accepting all. Clarity is also important, as one needs to understand the other very well. I know one business owner who canceled his project with an Australian web developer, as he found the accent of the developer difficult to understand. So it is communication that makes the journey of development smooth.

Saikat Ghosh, Founder, esitenow

Thinks Ahead for Adding Content

A common mistake I see with choosing a website for your business is not thinking about how easy it will be for you as a business owner to make simple edits yourself. 

Your website is your shop window and you need to tweak the content without having to hire a designer or developer every time. If you are a sole trader or small business owner, this is important because often your offers will change and you need to respond quickly. 

Before investing in a website builder, research how easy it is (or otherwise!) to upload new images or edit text, without having to have a degree in coding.

Marie O’Sullivan, Web Designer & SEO Specialist, Marie OSullivan

UX Experience

A basic understanding of user experience (UX) is one outstanding trait of a website builder. An intuitive website designer knows that easy navigation and simple accessibility for customers make all the difference for an excellent website. Having UX knowledge on their resume shows they know how to integrate that into anything they design.

Annu Daniel, CEO, Elohim Company

Provides Accurate Scope and Deliver on Time

Nothing will strain a client relationship more than missing deadlines. Website development tends to sprawl. Code is complex. Issues occur. Work slows down. Deadlines pass. 

You can avoid all this by working with website builders who can accurately scope out a project and deliver results on time. Delays can still happen, even for the best developers. But, they must provide proactive updates and work hard to deliver results on time.

James De Roche, Managing Partner, Lead Comet

Experience With Responsive Design

Experience with responsive design and associated UX skills are a must for any solid website builder. Sites that are more user- and mobile-friendly reach larger audiences because of their ease of access. 

The mobile-friendly website experience is always a plus, but UX is where a site truly leaves the best impression on users. The more interactive and smooth the website, the better experience overall customers will have with it, and the more they will come back.

Alexandre Robicquet, Co-Founder & CEO, Crossing Minds

Fits Your Criteria Within Your Budget

When choosing a website builder, I always look for something that meets my budget needs. The cost of building a website can add up quickly if you’re not careful, so it’s important to find solutions that are both reliable and cost-effective. 

I want to make sure I’m getting the best value for my money and that the product is going to last. Once you’ve found a product that meets your budget needs, it’s also important to make sure that the website builder has all the features and functionality you need. 

You never want to compromise on quality, but strike the right balance between features and affordability.

Yusuf Shurbaji, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Prismfly

Considers Customization Options

When looking for a website builder, it’s important to consider the level of customization that your brand will require in a website build. Some builders allow you to get up and dash, but they also have limited components you can customize within your design. 

For example, a builder might give you an option to input text into a certain area of the page, but it won’t give you the flexibility to move that text block around the page as desired. 

In some creative industries, having a custom website design is extremely important, so that the brand can showcase its work interestingly.

Megan Gersch, Owner & CEO, Megan Gersch

Quality of Integrations

When choosing a website builder, you want to make sure the builder seamlessly integrates with other software applications that are important to your business.

For example, if you are a service-based business, you want to make sure the website builder integrates with software that makes it simple to be booked and paid to sell your service. You want to make sure the software allows for easy rescheduling, adding others to your booking, and the ability to sell multiple service types.

Keep in mind that not all integrations are of the same quality. You’ll want to test them out before making a final decision.

Nachum Kligman, CEO, Book Like A Boss

Project Management

As a coach and business owner who runs my operation with an international staff of five to seven freelancers, my biggest frustration has been hiring talent who require graphic assets and credentials from me in order to complete the task at hand but don’t present me with a checklist of what they need from me.

Before committing to a website builder, be sure to ask them about their method for managing the critical steps and workflow of the project you are about to award them.

If there is no mention of checklists or project management, run. If what you hear is, “just send over whatever you have,” run faster.

Crystal Wright, Business Coach, Mentor, Author, & Speaker, Crystal Wright

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