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Founders, It’s Not About You!

A Slice on Julien Delange, Founder of Code Inspector

Moving to the U.S. from his home in France was a dream come true for software engineer expert, Julien Delange. His career is what most people would describe as the “classic American success story”, yet there is nothing ordinary about his journey. Before founding his own company, Delange worked in big tech giants such as Twitter and Amazon. Equipped with more than 15 years of experience, Delange ventured out on his own and founded the software company Code Inspector, a platform that helps developers and managers produce better code.

Throughout his career, Delange had many opportunities to work with other founders and discovered that many share common flaws and issues. Eventually, he realized that some of the flaws he saw in others, he also saw within himself. Instead of dwelling on the imperfection, he decided to acknowledge these shortcomings and actively work on them. “Do not believe you are doing a good job!” he uttered. He shared that the most productive way to improve yourself is to look inside. Through self-reflection, he discovered new ways to be the best version of himself for others and the business. It is important to find a balance between giving yourself the credit you deserve versus criticizing yourself. Delange’s experience highlights the importance of humility and how far it can take you in your career.

Starting a new business is not an easy feat. New founders may find themselves facing hurdles that seem impossible to overcome, one of which includes: finding capital. Delange highlights that maintaining great relationships with multiple people in the industry helped him get a head start. Initially, he thought having an excellent working product would be the main driving force attracting investors to his business. Instead, he discovered that the relationship he built throughout his career with people was the reason they were willing to invest in his company. “I totally underestimated the impact of business relationships.” He noted that growing your network and nourishing your professional relationships can be extremely useful for everyone, no matter the industry.

Delange believes that empowering others is the key to nurturing a healthy business relationship. “It is about the other person, not yourself.”

The software industry is constantly changing and growing. Delange shared there are a few trends he sees emerging and worth watching out for. The first trend is the adoption of the cloud system. Delange explains cloud-based systems are currently a rising industry trend. More and more companies are slowly implementing these systems to save and archive data. He believes cloud data systems will continue to grow significantly and soon be the standard method of data-saving in most companies across the country. The second trend Delange sees is “lowering the bar” for coding. He explains that “lowering the bar” means making software and coding more accessible and user-friendly to everybody, which will be helpful for those without a background in coding.

To explain further, Delange gave an example of Grammarly. Grammarly is free writing software that makes it easier for people to write more eloquently, which is immensely helpful for people who are not proficient in English or writing. He predicts something similar will exist in the coding space soon. In the meantime, Delange is excited to watch Code Inspector grow and gain more traction. He plans to seek out more capital and guide the company in the right direction.

Founder Bio

Julien Delange moved to the U.S. from France to continue his education. He worked at tech giants such as Amazon and Twitter before stepping into his entrepreneurial role as co-founder at Code Inspector. Connect with Delange on LinkedIn.

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