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What Role Do Partnerships Play in New Business Development?

What Role Do Partnerships Play in New Business Development?

To provide insights into the role of partnerships in new business development, we asked 13 CEOs and Founders for their expert advice. From collaborating for brand awareness and leads to sharing costs and growing with partnerships, discover the key strategies these leaders recommend for capitalizing on business partnerships.

  • Collaborate for Brand Awareness and Leads
  • Boost Brand Recognition With Influencer Partnerships
  • Achieve Efficient Results Through Synergy
  • Acquire Customers via Regional Partnerships
  • Create a Robust Partner-Acquisition Pipeline
  • Tap Into Established Networks and Resources
  • Access Expanded Markets and Complementary Skills
  • Choose Partners Carefully for Maximum Potential
  • Use Referral Partnerships for Startup Growth
  • Serve as a Co-Innovation Catalyst in Partnerships
  • Use Partnerships as Force Multipliers
  • Carefully Select Partnerships and Look Beyond Direct Alignment
  • Share Costs and Grow With Partnerships

Collaborate for Brand Awareness and Leads

Partnerships play a massive role in new business development. At my marketing agency, AS Marketing, we regularly work with partners to collaborate on events like webinars. We have found this to be a highly effective way to grow brand awareness and generate leads. 

Ironically, that experience with our partners has given them the trust to become our clients and refer other clients as well. 

Partnerships are crucial for the growth of any business, but it’s important to start the relationship with something that benefits both parties and then scale it from there.

Adriana Stein, CEO and Founder, AS Marketing

Boost Brand Recognition With Influencer Partnerships

An influencer partnership played a huge role in our early development. The first few months that we were open, we grew steadily but hadn’t really gained traction yet. I thought about staying the course and being patient until another executive mentioned that they met a local professional athlete. 

We began brainstorming and decided to pour our marketing budget into an influencer campaign with the athlete. It was risky because if it didn’t work, we would have no way to fund our marketing efforts for several months going forward. 

However, it worked very well and continues to. The ROI was above and beyond what we expected and boosted our brand recognition in a way that nothing else could.

Jared Day, Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder, Nuleev

Achieve Efficient Results Through Synergy

The high-paced environment we are in pushes us to be open to partnerships in order to broaden opportunities and help us be seen in a big, open world. We focus on building synergy that helps both sides grow and share resources, aiming for more efficient results.

For instance, we recently became a Shopify Agency Partner. On one hand, Shopify allows us to better support our customers on Shopify thanks to the resources available to us as a partner. 

On the other hand, we help brands transition to Shopify and adopt the platform, which gives Shopify direct clients. It’s all about achieving a win-win agreement.

Gabriel Kaam, CEO, KNR Agency

Acquire Customers via Regional Partnerships

Partnerships can be a great way to acquire customers, especially when entering a new market. Your partner may have an established customer base in the target market, giving you immediate exposure to potential customers whom you wouldn’t have reached on your own. 

Additionally, customers often prefer to work with people from their own region, as this gives them more confidence.

For example, at Kommunicate, we have partnered with a few companies in South American countries where Spanish is the preferred language. There is a strong demand for our product in this region, but we were unable to scale due to the language barrier. 

After partnering with dedicated companies with strong technical expertise, we have been able to onboard many successful brands from the region.

Yogesh Joshi, Head of Growth, Kommunicate

Create a Robust Partner-Acquisition Pipeline

Partnerships are pivotal in new business development, serving as gateways to resources, expanded markets, risk-sharing, and knowledge exchange. 

To capitalize on these collaborations, it’s essential to establish a robust partner-acquisition pipeline, ensuring that you consistently identify and connect with potential partners who align with your goals. 

Equally important is effective partner-relationship management, where open and honest communication, trust-building, and ongoing assessment play a vital role in sustaining long-term, mutually beneficial relationships.

Nikhil Chaudhary, VP of Marketing, BeatRoute

Tap Into Established Networks and Resources

Partnerships are pivotal in new business development, opening doors to expanded networks and resources. One key advantage of a strategic partnership is the ability to tap into a partner’s established customer base, reputation, and expertise, providing immediate credibility and reach that might take years to build independently.

To capitalize on this, it’s essential to identify and collaborate with partners whose values, goals, and customer demographics align with yours. Mutual benefit is the cornerstone of a successful partnership. 

Regular communication, setting clear expectations, and ensuring both parties bring value to the table is crucial. For instance, at Ignited Results, we’ve formed partnerships with complementary service providers, allowing us to offer our clients a broader range of solutions. 

This enhanced our service offering and positioned us as a one-stop solution, leading to increased client retention and referrals. Embracing partnerships with

Jon James, CEO, Ignited Results

Access Expanded Markets and Complementary Skills

Partnerships play a pivotal role in new business development by providing access to expanded markets, complementary skills, and shared resources. By aligning with another entity, businesses can leverage the strengths of both partners to tap into new customer segments, enhance product offerings, and amplify brand presence, leading to increased revenue potential.

To capitalize on this, someone should focus on identifying partners whose values, objectives, and strengths align with theirs. It’s crucial to nurture these relationships, ensuring open communication and mutual trust. 

Setting clear terms of collaboration and frequently revisiting shared goals can lead to sustained and mutually beneficial growth. In essence, a well-strategized partnership can act as a force multiplier for new business opportunities. 

In a global workforce, it is essential for businesses to focus on building a diverse and inclusive workplace.

Aaron Friedman, Founder, AMF Creative

Choose Partners Carefully for Maximum Potential

When I launched my recruiting firm, I pursued partnerships aggressively. In fact, I had the feeling that everyone was more connected than me, and I was miles behind in terms of networking.

While trying to align myself with others was a great strategy, I wish I’d been more selective in the initial stage. Capitalizing on partnerships successfully requires a lot of back-and-forth, and if your values and approach don’t match, you might find your connection fizzling out just when it counts.

When building partnerships, take a moment. Do your research and choose carefully in order to maximize your business development potential.

Some things to consider include personal compatibility and sector heterogeneity. I’ve found that the ideal partner is one with similar goals but occupying a slightly different niche. There is a fine line between augmentation and antagonism.

Linn Atiyeh, CEO, Bemana

Referral Partnerships for Startup Growth

Partnerships and referrals are crucial for growth, particularly for those just starting out. In my experience, I’ve established several partnerships with web-design agencies. I refer them web-design clients, and in return, they refer me SEO clients. This arrangement benefits both parties and promotes growth without additional marketing spend. For those just starting out, it’s beneficial to find partnerships where you can assist someone who doesn’t offer your service and vice versa.

Taylor Scher, SEO Consultant, TaylorscherSEO

Serve as a Co-Innovation Catalyst in Partnerships

One significant role I’ve observed partnerships playing in new business development is serving as co-innovation catalysts. Once, when we were launching our thermal insulation blankets, collaborating with a trusted partner helped us refine our product design, drawing from their experience. This synergy accelerated our product’s entry into the market and ensured we delivered a superior solution to our clients. Capitalizing on such partnerships means fostering an environment of mutual trust, open communication, and shared vision.

Sandra Malouf, President, Eurolog Packing Group

Use Partnerships as Force Multipliers

Partnerships, in the context of new business development, act as force multipliers. They enable businesses to tap into new audiences, leverage complementary skills, and often speed up the market-entry process. Think of it as having a friend introduce you at a party—it instantly builds credibility and trust.

To capitalize on this, it’s vital first to identify partners whose values align with yours and who cater to a demographic that complements, rather than competes with, your target audience. Once that’s established, maintain open communication, set mutual goals, and regularly review the partnership’s efficacy. It’s all about nurturing the relationship and ensuring both parties benefit. I’ve found LinkedIn to be a great place to start this connection with potential partners.

Blake Smith, Marketing Manager, ClockOn

Carefully Select Partnerships and Look Beyond Direct Alignment

Without carefully-selected partnerships, I believe it’s impossible to take your business to its pinnacle.

That’s why I’m always looking for new people to connect with, even if they’re not directly related to my business at the time. 

It’s through these partnerships that I’ve learned the most valuable lessons and made the biggest breakthroughs.

When you talk to people, you learn about their lives, their experiences, and their perspectives. This knowledge can be invaluable when making decisions about your own business.

And when you form partnerships with people you trust and respect, you gain a powerful network of supporters and collaborators.

Partnerships are a key to taking your business to the next level.

Jonathan Knight, Chief Editor, RLT Home

Share Costs and Grow With Partnerships

Most new businesses operate on a tight budget. Pender & Howe was no exception; we had big dreams and the drive to accomplish them, but sometimes our bank accounts didn’t agree with the latest grand idea.

That’s where partnerships came in especially handy. Sharing the cost of everything from equipment to third-party services allowed us to grow at a rate that matched our ambitions.

One great example is marketing. Many of the biggest and best firms require an investment beyond the reach of most recently established businesses.

However, pairing up with one or more fellow companies expands your options.

By strategizing with the local industry and pooling our resources, we were able to land a coveted firm with great ideas to lift the entire sector.

Travis Hann, Partner, Pender & Howe

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