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One Plus One Equals 12

A Slice on Yosh Eisbart, Serial Entrepreneur and Investor, Co-Founder and CEO of Fulfilld

Leaving a comfortable job during a recession? That’s crazy, right? Well… not for Yosh Eisbart. One great recession plus newfound fatherhood equals a new title, entrepreneur. Eisbart has founded four companies and is now co-founder of Fulfilld, a warehouse management orchestration platform. 

Founding his first company, NIMBL in 2009, Eisbart and co-founder, Michael Pytel bootstrapped their funding to get off the ground, which would eventually pay off and lead to an acquisition and exit. “I’m a startup guy and growth junkie by DNA. I love building, so when a company has gotten to a certain level, the day-to-day is not my happy place.” Not willing to give up the entrepreneurial lifestyle and hungry to learn, Eisbart is now an active angel investor for companies ranging from software to real estate in Colorado and Israel. He now uses his VC experience to provide valuable insights when it comes to finding capital for his ventures.

Fulfilld is Eisbart’s fourth startup and he can’t imagine starting this company anywhere other than Colorado. Colorado has provided him with a true collaborative support system with a network of fellow founders cheering him on. Compared to the super competitive, combative environment you might find on the coasts or other big startup hubs, Eisbart calls Colorado “unique” and welcoming, which is exactly what is needed to make up a great startup ecosystem. “It’s a rollercoaster, so having folks that emotionally support you is just as important if not more important than the other aspects… I think it’s one of the biggest assets in Colorado.” Having that support system close by can eliminate some risk factors associated with starting a new company.

For Eisbart, he notes that risks change depending on what stage you are in your life. Looking back at his first big risk, (Eisbart and Pytel both leaving their IT jobs with newborns), the risks are vastly different compared to a few years prior. “We both had to tackle the risk associated with starting a brand new company with a young family… It’s easier to start a business when you’re single and don’t have a family that’s dependent on you, you can live on your buddy’s couch and it may not be capital intensive, but you don’t have the experience and potentially some of the same knowledge or the resources when you’re older.” Eisbart feels extremely lucky to have a co-founder not only willing to take the same risks as him but also a business partner that is willing to invest the same amount of money into a new company. 

A co-founder is a marriage… the co-founder you choose and how you interact with them is 1000% directly related to the success that you may have.” Eisbart, coming from a sales, marketing and branding background and calls Pytel tremendously technically gifted and special.

“He’s complimented me in ways that benefit the business multiple times, not in just the one plus one way, but in my case, one plus one equals 12.”

When asked about advice he can provide for aspiring entrepreneurs, Eisbart stressed the importance of not seeking perfection. “Trying to perfect an approach, product, or initiative can kill you. I strongly believe in being responsible and decisive, and when you make a mistake, you pivot.” Coming from a sales background, Eisbart also emphasized the importance of sales. “Sales is the lifeblood of a company and if you focus so much on delivery and excellence in mind, you’re missing the mark.” A final piece of advice Eisbart provided was to find something you’re really good at, especially when you’re younger. “Crush it, work hard and find great mentors or managers before you start your own business because it’s perhaps one of the best ways to de-risk your own startup.”

Founder Bio

Yosh Eisbart attended Indiana University Bloomington and received his B.S. in Management Information Systems and International Business. He is the former Founder and CEO of NIMBL and is currently the Founder of Fulfilld. Eisbart is an active angel investor for companies in Colorado and Israel. Connect with Eisbart on LinkedIn.

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