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Startup Blogpost is a community where aspiring entrepreneurs and venture capital ecosystem stakeholders can share meaningful insights, engage with colleagues and peers, and stay informed. We feature curated articles and podcasts from founders and investors, weekly topic highlights, monthly regional spotlights, and upcoming events. Startup Blogpost prides itself on sourcing contributors from various industries all over the globe. Through a unique storytelling approach, we provide a platform for some of the world’s most illustrious investors and entrepreneurs. Ultimately, showcasing the journeys that led them all to success.


Emily Ahrens


Emily has a passion for storytelling and harnesses her knowledge of English, Writing, Journalism and Multimedia, to bring the stories of impactful Founders, Investors, and CEO’s from across the globe, to life. An alumnus of Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, she has a strong background in Communication and Integrated Marketing. She has professional experience in Strategy and Activation, Marketing, and Public Relations on a number of campaigns, Emily is fascinated by the diverse journeys within the startup ecosystem, and is honored to be the one to share them. When she’s not hosting a podcast, interviewing, or editing-she is most likely out for a run, out to dinner or out of wine.

Becca Reder

Contributing Editor

Becca specializes in Consumer Goods, Sports, Life Sciences, AR, SaaS, Fintech, Biotech and Health. She has a background in marketing with sustainable CPG startups, and is a University of Colorado Leeds School of Business alumna where she studied Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Social Responsibility, Ethics, and Spanish. Fuera de mercadotecnia y estrategia empresarial, Becca also loves playing drums and guitar, cooking, baking, drinking coffee, avidly watching the Nuggets and Blackhawks, and cuddling up with her cats (Motley & Fiona) and bearded dragon (Rama).

Hallie Kim

Contributing Editor

Hallie is a Colorado native and an almuna of the University of Colorado Boulder. Her professional background is in public relations and marketing, and her interests include being an avid foodie. She specializes in SaaS, AI, Robotics, Networking, Learnings, and of course, Food and Beverage. Writing has always been something that excites Hallie, and she is eager to dive into sharing the journeys of those in the startup ecosystem. In her free time, you can most likely find Hallie trying out a new restaurant or at a concert.

Samantha Camp

Creative Producer

Sam specializes in covering Video Games, Entertainment and making things. She has a background in Graphic Design, Music Journalism, Photography, and loves all things design and digital. When she's not working on a podcast, video, design or article, you’ll find her playing video games (most likely Valorant or Legend of Zelda), trying out a new hobby, or watching too many TikToks #justGenZthings

Aya Marsintauli


Aya is an alumna of the University of Colorado, Denver, specializing in founder and investor stories in international regions such as Asia and Europe. She moved to the US in 2014 from Jakarta, Indonesia, and loves it here! In her free time, she enjoys taking care her two Chows (shoutout to Bear and Bo), creating food and travel content for Instagram, and karaoke (anything Ariana Grande is her go-to song). She enjoys highlighting the stories of diverse founders from across the globe.

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